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My Blogging Song: “Oh How I Need You”

I have a blogging song. I first got the idea when a friend and fellow blogger shared hers. She said she listens to it over and over again while she’s working because it reminds her that everything she does is for God, and not for her own fame. I love that! While I can’t listen to music while I write (in fact, I need complete… Read more


How to Find Hope in Suffering in Light of Eternity

In light of eternity, we can learn how to find hope in suffering. If there’s one thing that keeps me up at night, it’s suffering. I’m not necessarily even talking about the suffering of my loved ones. They’re fine at the present moment. I’m mostly talking about the oppression, terrorism, abuse, illness and poverty worldwide –the stories of unimaginable evil, pain and tragedy happening at… Read more


Christmas Meditations: What I’m Learning from Mary

I love the Christmas story. Each year as I take time to read it and soak it in, I am drawn to new truths and depths. This year is no different. Twice this month my daughter and I have watched The Nativity Movie together. This is a yearly tradition for me, and it has influenced the way I relate to the story profoundly. Watching… Read more


Worship like Never Before This Christmas

Every year I’m more undone at Christmastime than I was the year before. My eyes and heart are opened just a little further. I take in a fraction more of the magnitude and glory of what God did in the moment when He emerged into our reality in human form. A baby. Jesus. … My daughter and I have been researching… Read more


Creating a Culture of Generosity Among Mom-Friends

One thing I love about my circle of friends is the culture of generosity that’s been established. This is fitting for the Body of Christ, and it’s such a blessing both to receive and give. I can’t even begin to describe the ways we as moms and friends provide for each other in the currency of hand-me-downs. Last night I… Read more


Why I’m Going to My 10 Year Class Reunion

The infamous 10 year class reunion. I got the Facebook invitation a few months ago, and truly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I mean, I’ve moved on with life, right? So is this really a priority? I’m not one who’s stayed around the small town in which I grew up. Life took me elsewhere. Besides, I know how to reach almost… Read more


The Lost Art of Fearing God

Our generation is losing the art of fearing God. It’s out of fashion. The idea of fearing God does not have that “feel-good” draw, and since it’s hard to understand, we choose to put it out of our minds. We make our own happiness king, because God wants us to be happy, right? We miss the eternal truth. We idolize ourselves and grow fat… Read more


The Blessedness of Not Having It All

Let me start by saying, it is by no means more godly or spiritual to have less. If God has blessed you with “more,” then thank Him, enjoy and be generous! Poverty is not God’s invention. It is a result of a broken world. Who better to manage worldly resources than the Body of Christ? However, neither is it more godly or… Read more


It Is More Blessed to Give than To… Sell Your Stuff

I’m a young mom on a tight budget. When I get an idea of something extra I’d like to buy (a headboard for our daughter, a swing set, new shrubs), inevitably, my husband gives me “that look” and says, “Great. How are you going to pay for that?” My usual reply is, “No problem! I’ll just sell some stuff!” However,… Read more


Don’t Forget to Live For God in the Midst of Life’s Uncertainty

Lately I’ve watched friends go through seasons of unknowns. These are seasons with which I, too, am well acquainted. Whether it’s waiting for a job opportunity, selling a home, trying to get pregnant, waiting for test results, or worse, so often we must wait to see how God will work things out. So often we are anxious for these outcomes. And in the midst… Read more

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