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A Fresh Look at Biblical Modesty

Biblical Modesty You’ve probably heard the word modesty at some point. It most often refers to wearing enough clothing to avoid indecency. And yes, that is an absolutely essential part of being modest. But modesty is more than that. It’s a deep, rich, God-honoring concept, which should never be reduced to just real estate coverage. 1 Timothy 2:9-10, “I want women to be… Read more


A Little Perspective from the Book of Ecclesiastes

My husband and I recently returned from Maine where we celebrated our fourth anniversary. In the midst of enjoying great adventures together, delicious meals, late night talks, and catching up on sleep, I spent a lot of time along the coast reading one of my favorite books, Ecclesiastes. For me the one word that best captures the heart of Ecclesiastes… Read more


The Call to Selfless Serving: Keeping an Eye on Eternity

My heart grumbles as I do the dishes by myself while my husband watches TV in the other room. I bang the cabinet doors just a little louder as I dramatically rush into the family room to grab the crying baby he seems to be ignoring. He knows I’m ticked, so he offers an explanation, “I’m sorry. I had a… Read more

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