Simple Homeschool for a Simpler Life: Part 2 – Our Curriculum

Over the past four years our homeschool daily schedule and curriculum choices have morphed and shifted quite a bit. Every family, child, and season is different. Currently I homeschool a 3rd grader, 1st grader, and a pre-schooler who is old enough to do Kindergarten work. With the addition of a third child to our formal school, I was not able… Read more


Simple Homeschool for a Simpler Life: Part 1 – Our Why

Several readers have asked me recently to share more about our simple homeschool. In the face of Covid-19, some families are considering homeschool long term. I love homeschooling, and I want to be an encouragement and a resource to those who are weighing this out. I decided to break down my thoughts into a multipart part series. In this post… Read more


Mornings with the Master: The Value of Time with God in the Mornings

Guest post by Jennifer Hayes Yates at Startled by the alarm near my bed, I push the snooze and snuggle back down into the warm chenille blanket. Just between drooling sleep and stark awareness, the fragrance of coffee meets my senses, and I am reminded of the reason for the alarm. It’s time for morning with the Master. Ok,… Read more


Read Your Bible, Pray Everyday — More Easily Said Than Done?

Guest post by Laura Bailey at Let Me Tell Ya Somethin’ Our family morning routine involves a prayer, a Bible verse, and a few songs while eating breakfast. The other day we sang a song that many of us equate with juice boxes and butter cookies. It says, “Read your Bible, pray every day if you want to grow.” My eldest… Read more


Books to Help Kids Grow in Their Faith (My Top 16)

*Today I’m sharing some of my favorite books to help kids grow in their faith!* There are certain children’s books that have become staples around our home. We read them year after year, and sometimes week after week! Of these, my absolute favorites are the ones that are faith-centered and point my kids to Christ. There are actually many wonderful resources… Read more


How to Develop a Life of Prayer: The Soul at Rest Book Review

Life feels easily overwhelming for me right now. With baby number four on the way, homeschooling, trying to keep the house in order, and navigating the seas of being a self-employed family, there is no shortage of things to keep me wound up tightly. The responsibility feels consuming. And thus, peace and rest become long forgotten in favor of late… Read more

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