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A few weeks ago, I shared a little bit of our story over at moneysavingmom.com.

In this post, I explained that early in our marriage, my husband and I faithfully adhered to a strict budget. As our goals and life-seasons progressed, the necessity of a budget continued. And even now, despite nine years of discipline, we must still watch our spending very closely.

If I’m honest, I did not expect to be on the exact same budget 9 years into our marriage.

  • I expected that all our diligence would have lead to a breakthrough in our monthly spending.
  • I expected to be picking out cute clothes for my kids instead of relying on consignment trade-ins.
  • I expected to have my house all set up with decorations and organizers, not to be shoving kids’ shoes into broken plastic drawers.

However, as I’ve grappled with contentment again (for the umpteenth time) in recent months, I see that my concept of contentment has been rooted in the belief that it would be temporary. I wasn’t prepared to be grateful and happy tracking every dollar for the long haul, I was just sort-of holding my breath until things would be different.

That day hasn’t come.

And so I’ve been thinking. What does it mean to be content, really content, in a socially-connected world filled with beautiful farmhouse kitchens, backyard patios with Mesa alumawood covered patio with grill and draped with string lights, and beautiful beach vacation photos?

What does it look like to be grateful when life doesn’t meet the perceived status quo?

And actually, I think I’ve figured something out.

For me, I’ve realized that true contentment flows from believing in God for His unseen, eternal promises. You see, when I set my heart on heaven, I am trusting that God has prepared something unspeakably better than anything I could have on this earth.

Ecclesiastes 4:6 says, “Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.” (NIV)

In this life, I run the risk of becoming consumed with the accumulation of more, bigger, and better.

If I’m not careful, the desire for possessions can pull me in like an ocean current, and which could cause me to unintentionally devote my life to acquiring things that could never replace the peace, hope, and joy I’ve found through my contentment in Christ.

I feel the undertow every day.

But here’s the truth:

“More” focused living leads us to encumber ourselves with debt, which in turn prevents us from giving generously to the needs of others. We work extra jobs to afford that mortgage and those upgrades on that new vehicle. We feel we must have two handfuls because they look oh-so appealing, so we toil and chase the wind to have them.

“More” focused living leads us to consume our minds with what we want and how we are going to get it. We devote hours upon hours to dreaming and shopping, either browsing in stores or online. What do we really gain from all our striving after so many wants and desires?

They might make us happy for the moment (they’re not bad in and of themselves at all), but all the pleasure we take in our possessions and experiences is as fleeting as the wind. That new car will soon be stained and scratched; that new furniture will be nicked; that new outfit will cease to delight us, and that vacation, a distant memory.

So, I’m learning what it means to find tranquility in what I do have, and to thank God for it!  And I’m learning to allow God to be the guardian of my desires and to trust Him as He guides us down a path of simplicity and trust right now.


Over the past five years, God has opened my eyes to the truth of eternity and its relevance to motherhood.

In His grace, He brought me on a journey to see my life in light of heaven, and it changed everything. Now I believe He has entrusted me the task of helping other mothers anchor their hope firmly in heaven.

That is how my new book Heavenly Minded Mom was born, and after nearly two years of working, praying, and dreaming, it is HERE!

Heavenly Minded Mom is a 90 day devotional to help you embrace what matters most.

It is not a collection of stories about my life, nor is a “stereotypical” light-hearted devotional. Rather Heavenly Minded Mom is a deep examination of scripture and a invitation to reflect on what it means to live in light of eternity, in the context of motherhood. It is divided into bite-sized portions to offer space for reflection and a real perspective change over time.

Heavenly Minded Mom is divided into three sections:

  • Section One is a tilling up of the hard soil of our hearts. This is a critical first step –an assault on the idols that we cling to unknowingly. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate the futility of emptiness of what we too often allow to consume us. (Don’t worry, there are nuggets of hope and redemption woven into every devotion). 🙂
  • Section Two is a nurturing of the seed of eternity in our hearts. It is a time to soak in what scripture says about, well… reality, and allow it to begin germinating.
  • Section Three is the fruit-bearing. It is an outflow of the joy and purpose that God has poured into our daily living in Christ. The very things that seemed meaningless at the onset of this journey are now re-infused with new (and different) purpose.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey!

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The Heavenly Minded Mom Companion Journal was created to provide you with space to organize and work through your thoughts about Heavenly Minded Mom.

It highlights additional Bible verses and key quotes from Heavenly Minded Mom, along with hand-selected quotes from other Christian leaders and teachers. The journal restates the questions from the book and provides space to write answers along withadditional guidance and commentary.

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Where to buy?

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I’m excited to share my heart with you!

Reactions from the Launch Team

“This book is just blowing me away. I am so blessed to get a head start, but at the same time cannot wait to get the real official book in my hand to start from the beginning and dwell on each daily devotion for like a week each! They are seriously that good!!! Katie will give you chills, and make you laugh out loud! God has found a perfect instrument to reach me, and I’m sure many more!!!” –Meghan

“I recommend this 100%. I have been very challenged and encouraged as I realize how *temporal* my mindset truly is. But you know in the back of your mind, ‘I need to be living for eternity; how do I do that exactly?’ Totally reframes your thinking.” –Jessica

“These devotional truths are so humble, but so compassionately convicting! It takes the Word of God and just slays so many sneaky deceptions that the enemy tries to hide from us, especially as servant wives and/or mothers!!! I am overjoyed at how much my soul is already being cleaned up.” —Tawnya


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