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My Tips & Tricks for a Minimal Diaper Bag (From a Mom of Three)

A minimal diaper bag makes life easier! Here’s how I pack mine. When my first child was born, I geared up (with baby gear, that is) in preparation! I’d registered at multiple stores and my sweet friends, family and coworkers threw me multiple showers. I *thought* I was being minimal. But for the scary unknown of a baby, I also wanted… Read more


Decorating with Deeper Meaning

I find value in decorating my home. I found out that printing photos on a canvas print gives vintage appeal to my home! While it is a “temporal pursuit,” God Himself is the very author of beauty!  In fact, He lovingly sewed every creative possibility into the fibers of the world He made from the beginning of time. Think about that… Read more


How Simple Living Makes Life Better

There are many benefits of simple living! Here are the two big ones. Nearly every day I drive by a quaint little home just a stones throw away from mine. I’m drawn to it. It makes me happy. I find it appealing. It’s very small, but tidy as a pin. It’s tastefully and minimally landscaped and decorated with some backyard… Read more


My 6-Part Morning Routine & How It Helps Me Feel Successful as a Homemaker

Homemaking is a ministry. I’ve internalized that over the past several years as I’ve risen up into my Biblical role as a woman, wife and mother. All the logistical aspects of running a home well, such as meal preparation, laundry, tidying, cleaning, decorating, et cetera, are avenues to honor God by working hard, creating a space for hospitality and meeting the needs of our… Read more


A Peek Into My Minimal Closet

Minimal wardrobes are a thing nowadays. And rightly they should be. It’s truly one of the most impactful “decluttering” projects I’ve done. I’ve wanted to write about my wardrobe for a while now, since minimizing it was partially what inspired me to start this blog. But with the upheaval caused by a growing pregnancy belly and many maternity hand-me-downs, I’ve been… Read more


Part 9: Learn to Cocoon

What Is Cocooning? “Cocooning refers to the intentional effort to withdraw from the larger society in order to create a maintain a certain level of security and comfort. This shift is sometimes motivated by a desire to separate from the wider culture, and also by the need to be alone. As a metaphor, the cocoon references the covering spun by… Read more


Parts 6 & 7: On Teaching Respect & Teaching Values at Home

On Teaching Respect at Home We all hope our children grow to respect us and be respectful of others. So how do we create a home environment that fosters respectful children? Quite simply, an important part of the responsibility for this falls to us as moms.  We model it consistently and diligently when we respect our husbands. “However, each one of… Read more


Part 4: Minimize TV-Time

“…I want you to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil.” Romans 16:19 (NIV) Ah television. How you’ve changed our lives and shaped our culture. How you’ve morphed our home lives into something… quite different. When I went off to college as an idealistic 18-year-old, I chose not to have a TV. At that point in… Read more

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