Make Your Home a Sanctuary: 5 Questions to Get You There

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A sanctuary, by definition, is a place of refuge and safety.

One of my greatest goals as a homemaker is that my home be a sanctuary for my family. I want this to be a place of peace, rest and refuge.

It just seems so… right.

The outside world is often stressful, demanding and harsh. In contrast, a home should be a place of retreat, a place to recharge at the end of long days and weeks. I would suggest that this is a basic need for any family to thrive.

So, is your home a sanctuary?


>Find my “5 Questions to Get You There” over at The Humbled Homemaker HERE.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Love this Katie! Can’t agree more. We have a huge framed chalkboard in the kitchen where I write out the weeks menu plan. My kids love it! Especially when I change it, unless there is something on there they don’t like LOL. Would you ever write a post about simple meal planning, like maybe share some of your families favorites?

    • Great idea! I would! I’m always looking for ideas. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m slightly concerned that I’ll just totally run out of them one day.
      I LOVE the chalkboard too. I really want to do that. One of my best friends has one in her kitchen and decorates it like a hipster-coffee-shop-menu chalkboard. It’s cool.

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