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On Laying Aside “What I Think I Deserve” to Follow Jesus (as a Mother)

I feel that God is calling me to a deeper life. (And you!) This is a shift that’s happened subtly over the past several months. Somewhere along the line I began surrendering my expectations about my life to God. These were expectations of things like comfort, help, control, sleep, breaks, entertainment, pampering, “me time,” goals, date-nights and personal pursuits. I began letting go of… Read more


Asking God for a Prayer for Each Child

One of the neatest things I’ve done in my prayer life is ask God for specific prayers to pray for my children. It all started when a close friend shared that, ever since her son was quite young, she’d had it on her heart to pray that he would be one who includes others. She asked God to give him a heart to… Read more


Family Night Ideas: How We Do Family Night (In 5 Simple Steps)

A weekly family night will help you strengthen your family relationships. These family night ideas are simple yet effective at doing just that! We recently launched an official family night around our house. It’s on our shared iCloud Calendar, currently set to repeat every Wednesday night into eternity. I want to share a little bit about what we’re doing as we figure this… Read more


Stay At Home Mom’s Survival Guide

This is my eighth year at home, yet I can remember the first year as though it was yesterday. Blogging wasn’t as popular then and Facebook was just starting, so it was a very quiet time to be a stay at home mom. No one was talking about it as much then as they are now. Sometimes I really hate… Read more


7 Ideas for a Christ-Centered Easter

I love egg-hunts and traditions and hidden Easter baskets. But more importantly, I love the amazing truths of Jesus life, death and resurrection that we get to celebrate with our children on Easter. This year in particular, as my kids are getting a little older, I’m looking into what it might mean to turn their attention to Jesus in a… Read more

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