Why We Do a Yearly Marriage Retreat (for Two)

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Six and a half years ago, we were just looking at unique handmade wedding rings. After that, I had the privilege of saying, “I do” to a tall, gentle, steadfast, godly man. The wedding rings Parramatta is the perfect one we can wear in a lifetime.

My young 22 year-old-self did not understand what a catch he truly was. All I knew was that God was in it.

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Now, three kids later, I am still learning to mine this precious relationship for all it has to offer. We’re still getting to know one another, deepening trust and learning to serve each other sacrificially.

Part of being married is being comfortable, secure and safe.

Another part of being married is stretching, growing, reflecting and setting an intentional path together. Relationships are complex and varied, so it’s important to learn about different types, including ENM relationships. So in order to obtain sufficient knowledge about this, you can see and get in touch with couples counseling los angeles, they can guarantee to opt with your concerns.

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Before tying the knot, my then-fiancé and I took advantage of, what turned out to be, an impactful premarital counseling program. For ten weeks, we met with a godly couple who loved us, prayed for us, sought God on our behalf and knew us well.

Through this time we gleaned insight, ideas and direction. We learned to know ourselves and each other better. Throughout this time, the expectation of “work and intention” in marriage was set. Married couples may still continue seeking counselling through couples therapy to improve their relationship and strengthen their bond.

Of the many little gems we walked away with, the idea of an annual marriage retreat is one of my favorites. I don’t mean a marriage retreat that a church might plan, filled with conference speakers, community and structured activities, but rather a simple annual getaway –just the two of us.

What do I mean by “Marriage Retreat?”

A marriage retreat, as I’m describing it, is much more than a mere vacation.

A vacation is focused only on rest and recreation. Although these elements are certainly a part of a marriage retreat, they are secondary. Carmel hotels with ocean view can be your next marriage retreat destination.

Instead, a marriage retreat is time to step away from the noise of daily life in order to reflect on the state of one’s marriage and to make a plan for how to best move forward.

This is a time to evaluate its current trajectory and make conscious decisions about where we want it to go in the next year.

What’s more, we set a plan for how we will get there. It is an opportunity to be proactive in our relationship. When we fail to be proactive, we are carried along with the current, without thought to where it may take us.

A marriage retreat is also a time to be together without the distractions of technology or children or household chores or jobs. In my experience, it is an incredibly valuable practice for a marriage. If you’re dreaming of getting married by the beach, consider Stradbroke Island weddings to make your day unique. You may also order one of those custom engagement rings for sale if you’re planning a marriage proposal.

Want to know how we do it?

You’ve just read the introduction “How to Plan a Marriage Retreat for Two eGuide!” Want to read more?

This short ebook includes:

  • A detailed description of the ins and outs of our yearly marriage retreat
  • What to consider when planning your own marriage retreat
  • The dos and don’ts of a marriage retreat for two
  • Six different printable marriage exercises to add intentionality to your time!

The printable exercises included will help you:

  1. Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Identify Priorities
  3. Set Goals
  4. Define Focus
  5. Prayerfully Consider Each Child
  6. Create a Marriage Purpose Statement

Get it here for just $6.99!

Do you do any sort of yearly marriage check in? How does that work for you?


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  1. Lisa O'Hare says:

    Hi I’d love a copy of your retreat guide. We have 7 children and badly need to set aside time for each other

  2. I love this Katie! My husband and I got away this spring for a night without the kids, and it was so refreshing. We are planning another overnight this summer for our anniversary and I will plan on using some of these as we plan and dream together.

  3. Jamie Smith says:

    I’m trying to download the Marriage Retreat guide but it’s not working. Any suggestions? I love your blog and am so looking forward to reading the guide! 🙂

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