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I don’t know about you, but my fall has been busy and fairly exhausting so far.

I just can’t quite win in the sleep department lately. If the baby isn’t waking me up in the night, it’s one of the big kids. But it’s okay. By now I’ve realized that I don’t actually need to sleep like I thought I did in my young life.

Fall church activities have been a blessing, but have also filled my limited capacity much more quickly than I anticipated. And family life is just busy in this present season.

So as a blogger, there are many things I want to share with you. However, so few of them make it to blog posts.

So, I’ve decided to do occasional “What I’m Loving” type posts to round up some of those ideas, put them out to you, plus share a few bits from my life.

Things I’m Loving This Week

1. Space heaters

For weeks little Emily had been waking up more than every three hours at night. Finally, three days ago, it dawned on me that she might be waking up because she’s cold, since her hands are ice cubes when I got up in the night.

I put a space heater in her room and it has been a miraculous change! She sleeps like a champ in her warm and cozy nursery.

2. Stitch Fix

I received my second fix from Stitch Fix this week, and it was SUPER fun!

I can’t even express what a blessing Stitch Fix has been, between the referral credit and having someone else style me, plus the high quality of the clothing!

This one worked out very well for me after I adjusted my style profile. My first fix was mostly a dud, but it helped me understand what sizes and styles I prefer, and I was able to communicate that effectively!

You may have seen this on my Facebook page, but I made a fun, short video review! Check it out:

Stitch Fix Review from Katie Bennett on Vimeo.

I have enough referral credit to order one more, so I’ll let you know how that works out!

3. Bread with butter and honey

I am a nursing mom of a 6 month old baby, which makes me very hungry. Through this season of constant hunger, I have rediscovered simple toast with pure butter and local honey.


I am eating way more than a normal person should, but I figure I’ve got an excuse at least for a few more months. Besides, you can’t find a cheaper snack, and with real butter and natural, local honey, it’s actually got some legit nutritional value!

Of course, my kids love this snack too, which I am way okay with.

Not to mention how much I’m enjoying my new Mary & Martha honey pot! It is just so sweet and fun. Sometimes it’s the little touches in life.


4. Watching Planet Earth on Netflix

My daughter and I have been watching the Planet Earth series on Netflix, and let me tell you, you will see the glory of God through the majesty of the earth represented in this mini series.

It is bursting with beautiful video footage of the earth, along with narration that teaches about the various parts of the planet.

That may not sounds cool to you, but trust me, it’s cool.

5. Learning to pray the Lord’s prayer

In a moms’ Bible study I’m doing this fall, we recently studied the Lords prayer. Rather than praying it from memory, we were encouraged to use it as a guide for how to pray (as it was originally intended to be) and pray through it in our own words.

I wrote a prayer to God in my journal following this model, and it was truly powerful!

This is something I want to start doing regularly, and I hope you’ll try it too. The Lord’s Prayer is found here: Matthew 6:9-13.

6. Build-a-Menu

I have never really, truly implemented an online meal planning service with diligence until now. And I have to say, I wish I would’ve done it sooner!

I can’t tell you what a relief it has been to select recipes from a fairly short (rotating) weekly list, drag them into a calendar, and then print the meal plan, shopping list and recipes.

I take my list to the store and shop it, and then each evening I pull out the recipe and follow the instructions.

It’s made me realize that I am willing and able to do the work, I just need help on the decision making and organization side of things. My mental energy is probably at its lowest ever, so this help is a blessing!

Plus I’m getting better things on the table and in greater variety, which my husband appreciates. 🙂

Find it here: Build-A-Menu

A photo from our week


This is an out-take from a nativity video that we made earlier this week.

My two-year-old played Gabriel, and yes, there were some dramatic meltdowns. However, those meltdowns are a whole lot cuter when one is dressed like an angel. 🙂

I hope to post this two-minute nativity video on the blog as Christmas draws nearer, because it is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Like seriously. Be on the lookout for that.

One goal I’m working on

Over the summer I wrote about my morning routine. Life is so much better when I adhere to this!

But between not getting much sleep at night and various disruptions in our schedule, I haven’t been routine with my mornings lately. So, my goal is to set my alarm for 7am to spend time with God each weekday.

I’ll let you know how I do! There’s nothing like a little group accountability! 😉

So tell me, how’s your week going? What are you loving? Do you have a goal you’re focusing on?


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  1. Aaron says:

    Wow, this is an inspiring read, thanks for sharing! And I actually envy you for having access to natural honey and butter! Where did you get it from?

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