Introducing a Fun, Sweet and Light-Hearted Way to Be Intentional in Your Marriage This Month

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When my friend Jami at asked if I wanted to join her in creating a fun, February marriage challenge for me readers, I did not hesitate to say YES!

So, along with Caroline at we came up with a great one!

It has THREE components, and hopefully, something for everyone!

introducing a fun sweet and light-hearted way to be intentional in your marriage this month

1. Encouragement for Marriage on the Blog

For starters, in the month of February, I will be doing a series of posts on marriage for Embracing a Simpler Life readers!

When you subscribe, you will also get immediate access to two volumes of the 31 Days to a Better Marriage eBook. Each of these exclusive eBooks is a compilation of 31 encouraging blog posts on a wide-range of biblical marriage topics, written by 31 Christian influencers. I am honored to be a contributor to both of these books!

(If you are already a subscriber, simply click through to the Exclusive Newsletter Subscriber Zone at the bottom of any email to download).

2. 30 Days of Loving Your Man: $5.99

What’s more, we came up with a fun way to encourage us all to make small gestures in our marriages and intentionally serve our husbands.


This set of 30 beautiful, professionally-designed marriage cards, contain 30 simple challenges. These are intended to be mixed and matched over a 30 day period. This set also contains 10 sweet love notes and 20 more blank love note cards to help you communicate an extra element of love, care and appreciation throughout the month.

The Challenges:


The Love Notes:


These challenges are not “high pressure,” nor do they require a prohibitive amount of effort. Rather they’re sweet. They’re simple. They’re really quite perfect.

But there’s more…

Strengthening Your Marriage 30 Day Challenge Facebook Group!

The three of us are ALSO hosting a private Facebook group for the length of the 30 day challenge. It’s kicking off THIS Monday, February 8th. Anyone who purchases the 30 Days of Loving Your Man will receive an automatically generated email with the product and a link to this exclusive group!

It will be a fun, light-hearted, and low-key way to stay encouraged as we seek to prioritize our marriages. This Facebook group will serve as a center for community, encouragement, ideas and excitement!

You do not want to miss this!

We are hoping for a great group of women! Won’t you join us?

3. The Complete Marriage Challenge Bundle Sale: $13.50

To take it even further, the three of us have decided to team up to offer a one-time bundle of each of our marriage-related products! (Note: This bundle INCLUDES the 30 Day’s of Loving Your Man challenge set! You do not need to buy both!)

This product comes with four fabulous resources, plus the same fun Facebook component!


Did you know I have products? …Probably not, they’re still very new!

I’ll say more about this later, but I am currently launching a brand new eGuide: How to Plan a Marriage Retreat for Two (with Printables)!

I am SO excited to share this practical resource detailing how my husband and I do our yearly marriage retreat. During this one-night getaway, we complete some simple exercises to help us reflect on our year and the state of our relationships, to talk deeply about where we are and where we want to go, and to set new goals for our marriage and family.

This, along with my always-popular 90 Date Night Questions for Christian Married Couples set, are going to be included in this valuable marriage bundle! Everything combined is over 50% off!

So when you buy the 30 Days of Loving Your Man set, as part of this bundle, you will receive an additional $21 in resources you are sure to love for only $7.50 more.

Plus these resources will come in quite handy as you seek to intentionally bless your marriage for 30 days!



Find it here: The Strengthening Your Marriage bundle

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