Stitch Fix #8 (Help me Decide!) and a $100 Stitch Fix Giveaway!

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Stitch Fix $100 Giveaway

I really like Stitch Fix! It allows me to get a few quality pieces of clothing without consuming much mental space and time shopping (I’m not great at styling myself anyway).

So, because I needed something to wear for an upcoming photo shoot in a very specific color palette, I decide to give Stitch Fix a shot! I detailed what I was looking for and sent a screen shot of my color pallet, and here is what they sent me…

My 2017 Spring Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Ari Split Neck Top

Ari Split Neck Top: $68 (pictured above)

This top was very loose and comfortable! It didn’t wow me when I tried it on, but I do like it. The fabric is soft and light.

Verdict: probably going to send back

Liza Braid Detail Skinny Jeans: $98 (also pictured above)

I invited Stitch Fix to send me some more expensive jeans (you get to choose price categories when you fill out your style profile). These were so cute! I love the braid detail, and they look good with my ankle boots.

Stitch Fix Liza Braid Detail Skinny Jeans

However, I can’t decide whether these are too tight on me. I will probably drop a few pounds when I get out of my parent’s house (my mom is a great baker), but I don’t want to make a purchase based on that hope.

Verdict: undecided

Ahrens Leaf Pendant Necklace: $34

This necklace fits my style so well! I have been enjoying wearing necklaces lately.

Verdict: Keep!

Stitch Fix Ahrens Leaf Pendant Necklace

Mercanios Split Neck Top: $34 (pictured below)

I feel “big” in this shirt because it’s billowy all over. It’s probably not my favorite style for myself.

Verdict: Send back most likely

Stitch Fix Mercanicos Split Neck Top

Neriah Cotton Cargo Jacket: $68 (below)

I love that this jacket has a structured look, but is actually completely soft. It is a good green for me, I’m just not sure how much I would wear it. It would be a nice piece to have, but obviously not cheap.

Verdict: undecided

Obviously I am not completely sure what I will do yet. I don’t think any of the tops will be of use in my photo shoot. Do you have any thoughts?

$100 Stitch Fix Giveaway!

Stitch Fix is kind enough to give $100 away to an Embracing a Simpler Life reader! This giveaway will be open through the end of March. The winner will be notified by email and also announced publicly on the raffle widget below once it has closed.

Here’s how to enter. (Please note, you must complete BOTH of these steps to be eligible.)

  1. Fill out a Stitch Fix style profile
  2. Return to this page and click, “Enter!” in the raffle widget below!

*If you have never before created a Stitch Fix account, click here to create an account and complete your style profile (this is completely free)

*If you already have a Stitch Fix account, click here to login and update your style profile.

Stitch Fix is now offering a women’s plus sizes, shoes AND a men’s line!

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Note: Stitch Fix ships to the US and it’s territories only.


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  1. Laura Dennis says:

    Have a great time in Guatemala. I have been 3 times and am going again this summer. Hope you get some time to explore Antigua and the other sites.

    Love the purple shirt and jacket. I get stitch fix also and love it.

    • That is so fun! We will get to spend one day in Antigua exploring (if our drilling project goes according to plan… otherwise, we will be working!) I am really excited!

  2. I agree about the purple shirt, but I love the green one. The necklace is great too! The jeans look good, but I know what you mean about not buying clothes that fit right now. I could go either way with that one. That’s actually why I have held off on Stitch Fix so far. I want to try them, but want to wait until I reach a weight that I hope to stay at.

    • It’s so true! Size is constantly changing. I thought mine would’ve leveled off by now, but then I went and gained 5 extra pounds I didn’t want, and it does make a difference in pants! You will enjoy Stitch Fix I think. It is so nice for the mom of lots of littles who has no time to shop!

  3. Patti Teats says:

    I love the green shirt and the necklace, too!

  4. Kristina says:

    Keep the necklace and green shirt!

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