My Top 10 Favorite Things About Newborn Babies

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Whether mine or someone else’s, I love being around and holding newborn babies!


This is a passion that has grown since becoming a mother. When my first daughter was born four years ago, I hardly knew what to think or expect. I had rarely been around babies and was busily processing the drastic life-change that had just occurred. I wasn’t able to fully appreciate her in that season because I didn’t comprehend how quickly it would pass or how precious it was.

Since Emily was born three weeks ago (my now third baby), I’ve reflected on why this phase is so great. I know it’s a fleeting seasons, so I made a list to help me remember what I love about this sweet time.

My Top 10 Favorite Things About Newborns

1. You can eat ice cream while holding them (and you don’t have to share). Trust me, it’s a luxury.

2. The newborn stretch. You know the one. When they curl their backs, pull their knees way up and throw their head back.

3. Little everything. Little ears, features, fingers, toes…

4. Soft skin. Kissing their cheeks and temples is heavenly.

5. Cuddles always.

6. When they’re peaceful, they’re peaceful. Hold one long enough and it’ll seep into your bones.

7. Tiny, soft, sweet clothes.

8. The faces they make!

  • The yawn
  • the duck mouth when stretching
  • the “milk-drunk” face
  • the “I’m seriously considering crying” face
  • the pouting bottom lip
  • the crooked, wide open mouth, trying to find something to eat
  • the mad face
  • the peeking out with one eye face

Clara's Big Yawn

… and the list goes on. It’s all so cute.

9. Also, the “supposedly” gas-induced smiles of what certainly seems to be pure, sleepy and total delight. I can’t help but smile right back.

10. The way people glorify God when they take that newborn baby in their arms. It’s as if a fountain of praise can’t help but flow forth. These new little lives show God’s truth and goodness in a way nothing else does.


What is your favorite thing about a newborn baby?


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top 10 best things about newborns

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  1. Michelle says:

    Great List Katie! Lots of my favorites on there 🙂 Little everything….clothes in the laundry and little diapers 🙂 It’s a quick phase!! I would have to add the “new baby” smell. I read an article awhile back that had researched a mother’s bond to her new little one and there is something in our brains (as moms) that connects us to them by the way they smell. Hence the phrase “So cute, I could eat them up” LOL I loved that in the beginning.

    God is amazing to give us these precious little ones, each one a miracle! How can we we not marvel and be amazed at His beauty in each one of them.

    • YES! Such a good point! They do smell so good. I do, sort of literally, want to eat her up. This phase is a unique blessing. I’m so thankful she’s healthy and content so I can really focus on enjoying it since this really might be my last baby (but, hey, after one surprise, another one doesn’t seem so impossible either!)

  2. Kirsten says:

    Good list! I think my favorite thing is that it doesn’t take much to get them to go to sleep 🙂 This is probably my observation because right now, it takes lots of prayers and lots of tears to get my two to bed!!!

    • Yeah, that is so nice! I’ve had many of those bedtime struggles with my little-big-kids. Only yesterday my two year old refused his nap for the first time… *sigh* 🙂 Good luck with your two!!

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