My New Glasses (you helped me choose) and My Latest Stitch Fix!

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I have had a lot swirling through my mind this month related to style! The Dressing Your Truth® online course was eye opening, and it gave me a new lens through which to evaluate what comes into my closet! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read my post about that here.)

I try to be selective with what I add to my closet since keeping it minimal is a priority for me. Here are a few things I’ve added this season.

39 Dollar Glasses

About a month ago, I took to my Facebook page to get some feedback about which glasses to get from! 


I came up with these three choices from their website, and several of you voted, which was awesome. Thank you! Although Hemingway and Union were very close in the vote, Hemingway won by one!

I ordered them and received my glasses shortly there after.

I’m amazed how well the “glasses-on-photo representation” was true to life! I am wearing them SO much more than I’ve ever worn glasses before, probably because they the nicest glasses I’ve ever owned! The crazy thing is, they’re also some of the least expensive.

If you need a new pair of glasses, consider ordering online from 39 Dollar Glasses. The overhead savings of online shopping is passed on in a big way. Also, they are offering 15% off your entire glasses order through June 30th with code SUMMER15!

I am loving frames with larger lenses like these! I’ve never had that before because it wasn’t stylish yet the last time I replaced my glasses. They are so much more comfortable to wear, AND cute and trendy!

I will say, if I had taken Dressing Your Truth before I ordered these, I would have followed their suggestion for glasses on my Type of Beauty and ordered a lighter colored frame. But I’ll know for next time!

Anyway, these are still my favorite glasses I’ve ever owned, so I’m very happy.


Stitch Fix

I currently have myself subscription set to get a Stitch Fix every other month. So, that day came last week! I hadn’t paid much attention to it in advance, so like last time, I didn’t offer any suggestions for what to send. It’s a lot of fun to be surprised!

Here’s what I got and what I thought.

Char Geo Print Maxi Skirt: $58

This skirt is way outside my norm!


At first when I tried it on, I thought it was too bold and busy. I wanted to love it, because it felt so lovely and swishy and feminine, but I also wanted to practice implementing what I learned in Dressing Your Truth, which ushered me towards subtlety.

However, as I took my time wearing it around, I realized all the colors in the skirt were actually in my Dressing Your Truth style guide (this is a card they send you in the mail showing your best colors and giving you a take-with-you shopping guide)! I also noticed that the pattern contained interconnected detail, and the fabric and shape of the skirt created the type of movement that was recommended for my Type of Beauty!

After texting a few friends and my husband, it was decided that this was a keeper!

I don’t own any other maxi skirts, and the cut and fit of this one was delightful! I loved how it fell and swished when I moved!

I am excited to add something feminine and fun and different to my wardrobe! You can tell by the picture how pretty I feel wearing it. 🙂

Verdict: Keep!

Galilee Crochet Overlay Top ($54) and Mona Boyfriend Denim Short ($68)

Neither of these pieces blew me away. The top was nice, but not something I could see myself wearing a lot.

The shorts didn’t do anything for my skinny, boney legs. Also, they seemed a bit big, and they didn’t feel very feminine.

Plus, as I learned by taking the Dressing Your Truth course, boxy styles and rigid fabrics are not best for me.

stitch fix may 2016

I know these shorts are coming in style, and I do really like the modesty level, but I just wasn’t in love. I need to see them on my friends for a while before I warm up to them

Verdict: Sent back both pieces

Wile Tie Sleeve Knit Top ($48) and Staxx Braided Gladiator Sandal ($99)


The shirt was very soft and it was well cut, but it was also plain and perhaps baggy? I could take it or leave it, so I left it. I prefer a bit more color.

The sandals were AMAZING. The real leather upper was soft and comfortable. They were really, really nice. However, I felt like the gladiator style shortened my legs too much and was a bit heavy (visually) for me.

The skinny jeans, however, are from the first Stitch Fix I ever ordered. I literally wear them more days than I don’t (should I admit that?). They are a HUGE Stitch Fix win in my book!

Verdict: Sent back both pieces

I call it a success! Adding one thing to my closet in two months is a good pace for a minimal wardrobe.

Check it out for yourself here:

Plus a look behind the scenes at what was really going on while we were trying to take this pictures…


Look about right? 😉

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  1. Jami Balmet says:

    LOVE your glasses and LOVE that maxi skirt so much!!! So adorable. I do really like the outfit with the shorts and shirt on you. It’s super cute! 😀 So fun, now I want another box 😉

    • Thanks Jami! I like the shorts more in pictures than I did in person. I felt kinda masculine wearing them, but I will definitely get on board when they are “all the way” in style. 🙂 Loved your sister’s maternity fix! Makes me want to be pregnant again (except NOT really!).

  2. Melissa Berry says:

    Ross has maxi skirts like that for $10. I do love those colors on you! Loving the newsletter!

    • That is so good to know! I have a Ross close to me, but I don’t shop there because I don’t really shop anywhere except the bare essential of groceries. I may have to check it out!! It’s such a fun, feminine cut!

  3. Love the glasses! And I think you did a good job deciding what to keep. I don’t really prefer boxy style clothes either. I definitely gravitate towards more feminine and more fitted clothing as I am getting older and figuring out what suits me best.

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