The Help for the Hopeless Homemaker Online Course is ON SALE!

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The Help for the Hopeless Homemaker Online Course is on sale for a few days only!


This course has truly been a passion project or me, after spending a year developing it and a year leading women into a new level of freedom, discipline and breakthrough in their homemaking, I’m more excited about it than ever.

Over the past several years, I’ve worked hard to make lasting changes in my life as a homemaker. I know I’m not the only one to be truly puzzled by how some women make running a home look smooth and effortless.

I never quite understood their willingness to have people pop over on short notice, and allow guests into their home multiple times per week. To me, that sounded really overwhelming, because any entertaining required so. much. neatening. (or embarrassment).

Through many determined efforts and lots of trial and error, I’ve discovered a few, quite simple keys to gaining a sense of control over my home!

And now, I am passionate about helping other women get there too!

That’s why I developed the Help for the Hopeless Homemaker Online Course.

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Who should take this course?

Well, if you are a busy homemaker and you struggle to maintain a handle on your home –if you feel like you’re constantly reacting to the chaos rather than addressing it proactively, then this course is for you!

Through discovering,

  • 3 perspective-shifting “principles to live by”
  • 3 simple-yet-powerful daily habits
  • 3 strategic home projects to make your home more manageable,

…you will see the way to becoming the homemaker you’ve always wanted to be!

If that’s you, I hope join me! 

What is it exactly?

Help for the Hopeless Homemaker is a scripture-based series of lessons to help you reset ingrained expectations and ways of functioning– in just 15 minutes per lesson!

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The whole thing is crafted to be simple yet life-changing. —In fact, it’s power is in it’s simplicity.

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How does it work?

When you purchase the course, you will be prompted to set up a username and password. This will give you instant access to all the course materials in one central location. (And you can view them at any time, on any device –forever!)

From the course site, you will be able to view and complete each of the 11 lessons.

You will also be able download the complete .pdf workbook. This can either be printed and put in a three ring binder, or referenced digitally throughout the course. You will use it during every lesson.

For each lesson, you will:

  • watch a 3-5 minute video
  • read a short workbook segment
  • complete a worksheet for further application
  • take the relevant action steps

It is entirely self-paced, but I recommend doing no more than 3 lessons per week to give yourself time to acclimate, and no fewer than 1 lesson per week in order to keep momentum.

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What does it include?

Specifically, the Help for the Hopeless Homemaker Online Course course includes:

  • 10 video lessonsscripture printable fan mockup
  • complete course workbook
  • printable scripture cards
  • access to the course anytime, on any device –forever!


Purchase by February 27th and Get Extra BONUSES!

Everyone who purchases the course during launch week (March 8th-14th) will be grouped up into a private Facebook group for support and encouragement!

Once you purchase the course, you will receive an emailing containing a link to the group. I’m hoping for a great group of women to walk through this together!

You will also be entered to win a one-on-one coaching session with me!

The Bonuses:

  • Access to an exclusive participant Facebook group
  • Limited time sale price of just $26! (normally $36)

What are you waiting for? Join me on this 11-part journey to gain control of your home for God’s glory!


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  1. Chantel says:

    I received the notebook and folders yesterday!! Beautiful! Thank you for the extra bonuses! 😀 Also, I’m still on Day 3. I need to get memorizing! 😉

  2. Virginia says:

    Hi, I ordered this online course, paid for it, and never got anything. I wrote back a few times and still nothing. I am very disappointed and concerned…

    • Virginia. I am so sorry to hear that! I just sent two emails to the address you listed with this comment. For some reason, I have not received the other communications you sent. Please respond to those emails so we can continue to figure out what the issue is and how we can make it right!

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