How to Find Time for that Dream of Yours (as a Mom of Little Kids)

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how to find time for that dream of yours as a mom of little kids

I am amazed at how God has provided for me to be able to invest in Embracing a Simpler Life.

When I had just one baby, I felt incapable of even running my home. Dizzying lIfe-change and lack of discipline left me feeling ineffective.

Now I have three babies (ages 5, 3 and 1), and I’m running my home better than ever. I share my secrets to making that transition in the Help for the Hopeless Homemaker Online Course.

What’s more, I currently spend 5 hours per day pursuing my personal dream by cultivating the ministry of my blog, Embracing a Simpler Life. Additionally I feel completely able to homeschool my oldest daughter formally next year for Kindergarten.

I feel that I have great, quality time with my kids and husband each day, and I’m spending time in God’s word consistently (I’m currently reading the book of Jeremiah).

When everything is in its place, I am amazed at how well life hums, and how productive I can be! As much as I love a simple life, I also want my life to be fulfilling.

While I am very selective with what I do and conscious of my limits, I’ve also noticed that, because I’m given to idleness, sometimes having that “extra thing” in my life, that thing that forces me to use my time well, is exceedingly good for me.

Perhaps you have dreams you’d like to find some margin to pursue? If God is in it, you should do it! He will provide in ways you never dreamt. I speak from experience.

Read more about the nitty gritty of how I do it all today at!


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