90 Date Night Questions for Christian Married Couples

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Early in our dating relationship, my now-husband and I discovered the delight of asking one another questions.

I remember one long road trip we took together to visit family in Texas. We spent over six hours talking (which is pretty amazing if you know us), and learned so much!

Prior to the trip, we had come up with lists of questions to ask one other. It was fascinating.  It was fun!

The conversations were rich, and they set us up for not just a life of knowing each other, but a life of pursuing to know each other more.

To this day, we still come up with fun and serious questions to ask.

To this day, we still surprise each other with our answers.

I’m grateful that something so simple as time together and a list of questions can result in a deep, sweet, life-giving connection.

In Jen Wilkin’s Women of the Word she writes,

“the heart cannot love what the mind does not know.”

She’s making a case for knowing God, but in doing so, she uses a husband and wife as her prime example. She explains hat the more we know something or someone, the more love and appreciation we will be able to feel and have.

So, while fancy dates are fun, they are a far cry from a necessary ingredient to a happy, thriving marriage including the sexual part, and that’s why spicing things up with toys like a horse dildo, can be a great option.

And regardless of your childcare situation or date night budget, you don’t have to coast mindlessly in your marriage. If you are too busy with your workload and does not have time enough for your wife, you can purchase some adult toys to satisfy the pleasure and avoid divorcement.

For most of us, we have the opportunity to connect with our spouses, right now, in our actual life. All it takes is time and True Pheromones to rekindle your marriage. It takes a return to simplicity, and to what “in-love” people do: a seeking to know each other.

That’s why I’ve created 90 Date Night Questions for Christian Married Couples and the Marriage Retreat (for Two) Planning Guide.

These guides, questions, and activities have been crafted to help you do just that: to find out something new about your spouse, to go deeper, and to have fun.

With the longer, slower days of summer here, perhaps this is the perfect time to introduce a new tradition into your marriage: the tradition of recognizing that there is more to learn about your spouse than what you currently know.

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