Don’t Let Complaining Steal Your Joy! (How to Be Authentic the Right Way)

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Are you a complainer? Don’t answer that yet.

Sometimes, this is more subtle that we realize.

A friend asks us how we’re doing, really. We don’t want to be “fake,” so we unload on her everything in our lives that’s not up to standard, and how put-out we feel by life’s injustices.

We offer multiple examples and elaborations to ensure the picture of our plight is fully painted, all the while casting frequent knowing glances between one another that seem to implore, “can I get an amen as to how bad and unfair this is?”


The milk spill in the van that’s now spoiling, the baby who’s not sleeping well, the potty-training child who’s having poppy-accidents in public places, the broken-down air conditioner, the husband who’s traveling for work, the child who’s up with sun, or earlier…

Relating what’s going on in our lives for a chuckle and to express trust in God is one thing. That’s good! We can and should share things in a way that point ourselves and others back to Jesus.

Relating what’s going on in our lives because it’s truly so heavy, we can’t bare the burden alone is good too. We should enter into hard places with one another.

But relating what’s going on in our lives to seek affirmation for our grumbling spirit is not good.

I call that complaining in the name of authenticity.

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