Today’s Project: Simplify Your Medicine Cabinet

This is a series in which we challenge you to simplify a different area of your home each month. We keep it pretty …simple. If you’re like me, your medical supplies are cluttered and unorganized. I found myself rummaging around and having difficulty finding what I needed. My inspiration for this project came after some late-night heartburn. I got up, searched extensively for something… Read more


Don’t Underestimate Your Child’s Capabilities

This is a guest post by my amazing mother-in-law, who raised three self-reliant, confident, capable sons –one of whom I get to be married to! Don’t underestimate your children. They are more capable than you think. When I had my first child, he started crawling and getting into my kitchen cabinets. I remember telling my mom “I don’t know how… Read more


Loving People Well: Tips for Encouraging Each Other Biblically

At times we all receive and probably give encouragement that sounds cliché, overly-optimistic, or maybe just very superficial—i.e., “Don’t worry, everything is going to turn out fine.” But even as we say it, we are half-wondering if it is true ourselves.  So, how can we encourage people in a deep, honest and scriptural way?  The Bible offers some insights into… Read more


Praying with Your Children About Sickness or Injury

You know those really bad sinus headaches where you don’t want to move a muscle in your face? So you walk around with your mouth hanging open and eyes half shut because somehow that feels a bit better? I was having one of those the other night as part of a cold I’ve been weathering. And you know how three-year-old’s don’t put… Read more


For the Mom Who’s Weary of Entertaining Her Children

  In our culture, we moms often feel that we should provide our young children with constant entertainment, stimulation, and child-centered activity. So we pour our energy into providing just that. But eventually, we begin to feel exhausted, weary and overwhelmed. We can’t get our housework done or pursue other interests, let alone rest, so we resort to turning on the T.V.… Read more

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