27 of the Simple, Good Things in Life

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Sometimes we get so wound up in our daily lives and problems and mediocre pursuits, that we fail to see or appreciate or enjoy the good that God has provided for us.

Sometimes we go looking for a life worth living in all the wrong places. We spend the day away surfing the internet and social media, or idling in another way, or demanding our own rights and grumping at our loved ones –only to be left wondering why we feel so dissatisfied and unhappy.

Sometimes the good things in life are simple. Sometimes they’re abundantly available if only we should choose to let them penetrate our distracted hearts.

So, what would it mean for you to embrace the simple, good today?

To help you answer that question, I came up with a list of some simple-good things in my own life. I hope these will inspire you to discover and soak up your own!

27 of the Simple, Good Things in Life

  1. A good conversation
  2. A cup of tea
  3. Going for a walk
  4. Snuggling with a little one
  5. A smile from a stranger
  6. A good story
  7. Holding hands
  8. Laughter
  9. Fresh flowers
  10. A wink
  11. A hot meal
  12. A tableful of friends
  13. A child’s prayer
  14. A cozy fire
  15. Grace
  16. An act of sacrificial service
  17. Home
  18. Natural beauty (a butterfly, a waterfall, a sunset)
  19. The calm and quiet of dawn
  20. Family
  21. The sounds of a gentle rain
  22. Ice cream
  23. Coffee
  24. Clean sheets
  25. Fresh air
  26. Creativity
  27. The hope found in Jesus!

I asked the Embracing a Simpler Life Facebook Community what the simple good things in their lives were, and here’s some of what they came up with!

  1. Sunshine
  2. Baby giggles
  3. Fresh cherries
  4. Sweet friends
  5. Tea
  6. Hugs
  7. A book
  8. Dark chocolate
  9. Little ones chase fireflies
  10. Time to myself
  11. First sip of coffee
  12. Open windows
  13. Harvesting what you’ve grown
  14. Back porch swinging
  15. A hot shower
  16. Knowing you don’t have to set the alarm in the morning
  17. Raw honey

What would you add to this list? I’d love the hear about the simple, good in your life!


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  1. Mikie Anglin says:

    Thank you for reminding me of the why that I keep this home. This was a blessing sent from God. I wish you only knew how much I really did need this. Thank you so very much.

    God bless you

  2. Kristal says:

    I love this list, I would add a tidy house, a scented candle and soft music.

  3. Love this list. Slowing down to look around at the good in the moment can be such a perspective changer! There is ALWAYS something good to appreciate.

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